We got the idea for the trip on the 2nd December 2011. After discussing it thoroughly for about 2 minutes, we agreed that this was something we had to do! And we decided that the start date should be 1st June 2012.

We immediately started looking for a car. In early January we decided for Frida, a Landrover Defender 110. In February she arrived in Milan where she had the snorkel and winch installed and certified. In March, Frida had a tent and a small roof rack mounted on top and we built an internal structure in aluminum to store our things safely during driving.

Last but not least, Marco finalized the interior of the car by installing a small wooden table and two seats at the very back of the car so we can enjoy our coffee and porridge in the morning even if it is raining!

Other things that had to be taken care of well in advance were:

  • Shipment from Europe to Canada and confirmation from Canadian border authorities that we can import the car temporarily (the shipping company required this)
  • Insurances (car, medical, climbing)
  • Spare parts for the car
  • A Carnet de Passage which allows us to import the car temporarily in all the countries we plan to pass without having to pay a cash deposit
  • International drivers license
  • Visas/vaccinations

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