Diran Valley

On a cloudy day, we made a very nice hike up through the Diran valley towards Diran Peak (7266 m). The valley is quite narrow and on a clear day there must be fantastic views to all sides – but even on a cloudy day it is a really nice hike. Have a look to the pictures from the glacier at the top of the valley (towards the end) and finally the views to the “lady finger”, Hunza Peak and Ultar Sar as we walked back down again. But first the beginning…

The villagers have fields on a high plateau up the valley. Gradually the fields are falling into the river below. Everything is steep and crumbling and falling down here.DSC00616 copy.jpg

DSC00624 copy.jpg

Sharp ridges of the valley sides.DSC00627 copy.jpg

It was harvest time – potatoes, corn and hay for the animals.DSC00636 copy.jpg

DSC00638 copy.jpg

DSC00646 copy.jpg

DSC00643 copy.jpg

DSC00670 copy.jpg

DSC00678 copy.jpg

DSC00648 copy.jpg

DSC00675 copy.jpg

DSC00660 copy.jpg

DSC00663 copy.jpg

DSC00667 copy.jpg

DSC00679 copy.jpg

First this elderly gentleman invited us for tea – when we politely declined he followed us all the way up the valley.

DSC00687 copy.jpg

The rocks of the valley were full of minerals – lots of different colours. Later we met some local “miners” and found out that there is a small mine with precious stones nearby. A dangerous job, we could hear the blasts from the dynamite ringing through the valley.

DSC00633 copy.jpg

DSC00704 copy.jpg

DSC00703 copy.jpg

DSC00715 copy.jpg

DSC00717 copy.jpg

DSC00721 copy.jpg

DSC00736 copy.jpg

Almost there at the foot of the Silkiang Glacier. Colours were changing with the altitude.DSC00741 copy.jpg

DSC00740 copy.jpg

DSC00742 copy.jpg

Miner’s motorcycles. The guy we met had just been up there (at approximately 4000 m altitude, already covered in fresh snow) for 25 days.DSC00744 copy.jpg

Coming down the valley, the famous “lady finger” revealed herself across the valley. Just to the right of the rock finger is the Hunza Peak (6270 m).DSC00746 copy.jpg

At the bottom of the picture (below) you can see the villages of Baltit/Karimabad. Just above the villages there is the barren ridge of the Victoria Monument where we went on the first day to enjoy the view – and in the valley behind you see the black tongue of the Ultar Glacier coming down – it is grading into white ice further up – look how steep that glacier is! And finally, towering above it all, the Ultar Sar at 7388 m. From the village to the peak there is an elevation difference of 5000 m! It is the scale and the steepness of it all that is just overwhelming!!! DSC00755 copy.jpg

The lady finger…..             DSC00767 copy.jpg

DSC00771 copy.jpg

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