Illiniza Norte

9 November 2012

We climbed Illiniza Norte today, 9 November. The mountain is 5,126 m high so we struggled a bit with the altitude after spending 8 days at sea level in a boat around the Galapagos Islands, but slowly slowly, step-by-step we made it to the top. 

Illiniza Sur (left) and Illiniza Norte (right).

Illiniza Norte seen from the hut at 4700 m.

Summit picture! Illiniza Norte, 5126 m.      

View to beautiful Cotopaxi early early morning.                    

Glacier covered stratovolcano Cotopaxi, 5897 m.                               



11 November 2012

Today we climbed the great Cotopaxi volcano, 5897 m, the second highest peak in Ecuador and a new altitude record for both of us! 

Cotopaxi volcano, 5897 m, a beautiful stratovolcano in the Andes of Ecuador. It hosts one of the few glaciers on the equator.

Cotopaxi seen from the hut at 4800 m. 

At the summit 05.30 in the morning, watching the sun rise.

The dramatic and steep Cotopaxi crater.

Chimborazo, 6268 m, the highest peak in Ecuador, seen from the crater rim on Cotopaxi.

View to El Cayambe (right) and Antisana (far left) from Cotopaxi.

On the crater rim.       

Marco at the summit, 5897 m! 

Summit picture!

Malene with our guide Jaime.

Cotopaxi crater with Chimborazo in the background.

Another group ascending above the clouds.

Descent. Marco in the shadow of Cotopaxi with Illiniza Sur and Illiniza Norte in the far background.

Note the small black dots = a group descending to the right on the glacier.

Dedicated to Marcos Father Gianpaolo!

This lady is 81 years old and still running her funeral shop in Cuenca!

From Cuenca to the Peruvian Border

12-13 November 2012

We drove from Cotopaxi to the hot springs just outside Cuenca. In the morning we went for a good run and then submerged our poor bodies into the thermal pools…aaahhhhh! Then we spent a few hours visiting Cuenca. Unfortunately it was raining, otherwise it would be a beautiful city to explore by foot. Instead we found refuge inside the Dikaty chocolate shop, slurp!


Marco in the chocolate shop! Handmade Ecuadorian chocolates by Dikaty, delicious! 


Driving through beautiful highlands in southern Ecuador


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