Atlantic Coast (ARG)

Sea Lions

14 March 2013. We got a surprise when we were driving up along the south atlantic coast of Argentina and suddenly discovered that the big rocks on the beach were moving! They were in fact giant south american sea lions, much bigger and “lion-like” than the small sea lions we saw at Galapagos Islands.


Lovely and furry! But be careful, they have long sharp teeth and a male can be almost 3 m long and weigh 350 kg!                                                 IMG_8012_small

Check out the size of the neck on this guy! IMG_7987_small

Sea lions, golden brown when dry, black when wet.                                         IMG_8018_small

Beach lions! Remember to also tan on the side bones.                 IMG_8006_small

Messing around a bit with the sea gulls.      IMG_8014_small

Messing around a bit with the other males. Lots of growling going on. IMG_8024_small

The south american sea lion really looks like a lion.IMG_8031_small


Mix of males and females with pups at the water’s edge.             IMG_8059_small



In the water, the big blobby animals transform into fast and elegant swimmers. And they are very curious too!IMG_8093_small

When they were in the water the sea lions felt more safe and dared to come very close to us to check us out. And they followed us when we walked along the beach. IMG_8128_small

Toro Seduto having an intimate encounter with the sea lions! IMG_8119_small

The Sun

15 March 2013, Puerto Madryn. Finally, the sun! How everything changes when the sun comes out! We grabbed the opportunity to give Frida a good cleaning now that she has to go in a container to Japan soon.

Kitchen and food boxes are already sorted. Now Marco is sorting the tool box. With a view over the Atlantic Ocean.IMG_8141_small

Here she is Frida. Dirty inside, dirty outside and with our dirty running clothes hanging to dry in the sun. Poor Frida!!!IMG_8139_small

We had a small local helper but he got exhausted after just a couple of minutes and fell asleep in the sun.IMG_8134_small

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