From Islamabad to Gilgit

We were supposed to catch a plane from Islamabad to Gilgit in the northern mountain areas – a short but spectacular 1-hour flight. However, our flight got cancelled for bad weather and we had to wait TWO DAYS for another chance. So we decided to go by car!

The trip took around 12 hours along the Kararoram Highway and up over the Babusar Pass. When we left it was already early afternoon so we stayed overnight in Naran and continued the next day.

Initially there were lots of villages along the road including lots of people, shops, animals and all kinds of traffic (from the enormous decorated Pakistani trucks to rickshaws, motorbikes, donkey-carts etc) which made driving rather chaotic.  There was not a lot of time to take pictures. Most of the photos were taken on the second day as we got into the mountains. And they were just shot from the car as we were driving.

Anyways it was really an experience! And it definitely gave a better impression of how far Gilgit and Hunza is from Islamabad if you don’t have the option to fly!

DSC00240 copy.jpg

DSC00281 copy.jpg

DSC00327 copy

DSC00332 copy.jpg

DSC00372 copy.jpg

DSC00423 copy.jpg

DSC00426 copy.jpg

Having a quick rest and a tea with Mr Sherullah, our driver.DSC00445 copy.jpg

DSC00438 copy.jpg

DSC00247 copy.jpg

IMG_0308 copy.jpg

At the Babusar Pass 4173 m.IMG_0324 copy.jpg

IMG_0323 copy

IMG_0334 copy.jpg

IMG_0339 copy.jpg

IMG_0364 copy

IMG_0369 copy

IMG_0372 copy

IMG_0407 copy

IMG_0390 copy

Naran by night                dsc00258-copy-1.jpg

DSC00260 copy

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