Shimshal Valley

We made a day-trip in a hired jeep with driver to the Shimshal Valley; one hour up the Karakoram Highway from Baltit and then 2.5-3 hours on a small gravel road along the Shimshal River.

It was a brilliant morning! View from hotel – if we could only take this view home with us as a souvenir from Hunza! IMG_0715 copy.jpg

As usual we met large herds of animals on the highway – only this time they were giant yaks!!! Very impressive, all traffic stopped.DSC00779 copy.jpg

DSC00782 copy.jpg

DSC00780 copy.jpg

We enjoyed very nice early morning views over the Karakoram Highway, the mountains, the glaciers and the Hunza River. DSC00792 copy.jpg

DSC00789 copy.jpg

IMG_0734 copy.jpg

Passu Glacier DSC00799 copy.jpg

Passu Cones (6106 m)IMG_0745 copy2.jpg

IMG_0742 copy.jpg

IMG_0751 copy.jpg

We crossed the Hunza River to follow the smaller Shimshal River up to the remote village of Shimshal – approximately 3 hours drive.       IMG_0760 copy.jpg

IMG_0782 copy.jpg

IMG_0789 copy.jpg

IMG_0907 copy.jpg

IMG_0818 copy.jpg

IMG_0814 copy

The road is in some places practically hanging on the super-steep mountain sides on man-made terraces.                DSC00807 copy.jpg

The terraces are very well made. The only problem is that the road is sometimes very narrow and there is quite a drop almost vertically down to the river below. Marco just stuck the camera out of the window of the car while driving to take this picture but it doesn’t really do justice to the experience. DSC00824 copy.jpg

DSC00834 copy.jpg

IMG_0838 copy.jpg

IMG_0825 copy.jpg

IMG_0851 copy.jpg

The valley opened up as we arrived to Shimshal village IMG_0878 copy.jpg

IMG_0892 copy.jpg

We went to see the school and the teacher asked Marco to tell the kids about geography….it took a loooong while for the young boys to locate Pakistan on the map 😉IMG_0894 copy.jpg

We had to drive back after just a short visit. We had a long way to go. The afternoon light was warm and photo-friendly.IMG_0907 copy.jpg

IMG_0914 copy.jpg

IMG_0944 copy.jpg

IMG_0956 copy.jpg

Happy to have just passed one of the very narrow and steep sections without meeting any cars coming the other way…IMG_0954 copy.jpg

Back on the highway, we enjoyed the Passu cones in the late afternoon light. IMG_1007 copy.jpg

IMG_1008 copy.jpg

IMG_1002 copy.jpg

IMG_1004 copy.jpg

IMG_0993 copy.jpg

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