We spent the last 4 days of our holidays in Lahore. It was a little bit of a culture shock again, after 2 weeks in the mountains, but it was so nice to see Maryam again, do some touristy things and eat good Lahore food together!IMG_1536 copy.jpg

Let’s go the old city….just add the heat and a lot of different smells and sounds and you will get at least an impression of Lahore!IMG_1419 copy.jpg

IMG_1423 copy.jpg

IMG_1435 copy.jpg

IMG_1447 copy.jpg

IMG_1448 copy.jpg

IMG_1461 copy.jpg

IMG_1468 copy.jpg

IMG_1603 copy.jpg

IMG_1543 copy.jpg

In the middle of all the dust and noise and smells of the narrow streets in the old city of Lahore, the shop keepers manage to create small quiet, cozy and clean oases.IMG_1456 copy.jpg

IMG_1474 copy.jpg

IMG_1472 copy.jpg

IMG_1471 copy.jpg

IMG_1464 copy 2.jpg

IMG_1706 copy.jpg

A small mosque squeezed in between the buildings in the alleyways of the old city.IMG_1690 copy.jpg

IMG_1709 copy.jpg

Maryam and Marco!IMG_1478 copy.jpg

Visit to the beautiful Mosque of Wazir Khan.IMG_1484 copy.jpg

IMG_1485 copy.jpg

IMG_1495 copy.jpg

IMG_1491 copy.jpg

IMG_1492 copy.jpg

IMG_1489 copy.jpg

IMG_1501 copy.jpg

IMG_1500 copy.jpg

View from the minaret.IMG_1508 copy.jpg

IMG_1507 copy.jpg

IMG_1523 copy.jpg

Red brick buildings of the old Lahore.IMG_1530 copy.jpg

IMG_1537 copy.jpg

Street views from the minaret.IMG_1515 copy.jpg

IMG_1520 copy.jpg

At the Delhi Gate – one of the maaaany (12?) gates into the old city.IMG_1551 copy.jpg

Old Lahore house.IMG_1550 copy.jpg

Visit to the ancient royal baths.IMG_1561 copy.jpg

IMG_1565 copy.jpg

Hmmmm….listen to me!IMG_1568 copy.jpg

People working hard everywhere!IMG_1578 copy2.jpg

Visit to the herbal medicine shop.IMG_1701 copy.jpg

Tobacco and water pipe shop.IMG_1574 copy.jpg

The samosa shop.IMG_1712 copy.jpg

The chapati shop. IMG_1713 copy.jpg

Onions, garlic, ginger.IMG_1576 copy.jpg

Live chickens.IMG_1588 copy.jpg

Sweet young boys at the vegetable shop.IMG_1715 copy.jpg

Traffic in Lahore was different from Karachi – even more chaotic if possible! And with the occasional ox cart added to the donkey and horse carts.IMG_1592 copy.jpg

Round-about with goats. No space gets wasted.IMG_1591 copy.jpg

Petrol station in the bazaar for rickshaws and motorbikes.IMG_1560 copy.jpg

Nice guys in the bazaar for “used rims”.IMG_1629 copy.jpg

IMG_1631 copy.jpg

Visit to the big Badshahi Mosque – just next to Lahore Fort.IMG_1648 copy.jpg

IMG_1665 copy.jpg

IMG_1656 copy.jpg

IMG_1678 copy.jpg

Preparing for the Friday prayer rush – a bit of shade from the hot-hot-hot sun!IMG_1676 copy.jpg

IMG_1684 copy.jpg

Lahore Fort in the background.IMG_1688 copy.jpg

Visit to the Lahore Fort – mostly in a state of disrepair.IMG_1292 copy.jpg

IMG_1282 copy.jpg

IMG_1299 copy2.jpg

IMG_1297 copy.jpg

IMG_1303 copy.jpg

IMG_1318 copy.jpg

IMG_1329 copy.jpg

IMG_1308 copy.jpg

IMG_1311 copy.jpg

We also went to the Wagah border between Pakistan and India for the closing-the-gates ceremony. It is exactly as crazy as everybody says it is! Go find a video on youtube to get an idea – the pictures below are not capturing this surrealistic experience properly!

Lots of faffing about and throwing gestures across the border + lots of shouting and cheering and blaring loud music on both sides. Pakistan in black – India in khaki.IMG_1387 copy.jpg

IMG_1367 copy.jpg

IMG_1340 copy.jpg

IMG_1348 copy.jpg

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