Galapagos Islands

31 October – 6 November 2012

The Boat and The People

M/S Samba under full sails.                        

M/S Samba from 1963 and refurbished in 2006. A wonderful boat with lots of charm and a great crew!     

M/S Samba            

M/S Samba in crystal clear waters.              

Our cabin.                                                       

Getting off the Zodiac, wet landing, good shoes!

Our naturalist guide Fausto trying hard to arrange both sea lions and tourists for a photo!

Fausto drawing up the geology….yes, geology!

Fausto trying to persuade a young male sea lion to move away from the path!

The sea lion finally agreed to let us pass when Fausto gave him a gentle back rub, aaahhhh…

Alan, Marco and Camillo in the Zodiac.             

Alan and Marco, the two rebellious teenagers of the trip!

On volcanoes…!                                            

Marco dreaming to sleep with the sea lions…

The Sea Lions

The Crabs


Crab sex.                                                         

The Fur Seals

The Birds

The Blue Footed Booby                               

Blue Footed Booby diving for fish.            

Booby with marine iguana.                         

Red Footed Booby – red feet and blue beak

Albatross couple                                            

Albatross baby…not so small!                 

Young sea lion teasing a pelican.                

The inflatable frigate bird. Here inflated…

…and here deflated.                                               

Making himself delicious to the ladies.    

The Land Iguanas

The male iguana has turned yellow to attract the females.

The Marine Iguanas

The Sea Turtles

Sea turtle love making!                               

Sea turtle nest on the beach.                      

The Tortoises

The Nature and The Landscapes

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