Overland travel sites:

Specifically on border crossings and shipping Panama-Colombia:

Free e-book on overlanding Mexicon and Central America:

Specifically on the shipping part from Panama to Colombia:

Specifically on shipping info Panama to Colombia:

Specifically for camping:

Camping Central and South America:

Camping Central America:

Camping South America:

Camping Central America:

Camping Americas (North/Central/South):

Mountain info:

Mountain reports, route descritptions etc:

Mountain reports in Italian:

Mountain weather forecasts:

Alpine guides, US and worldwide:

Alpine guides Peru:

Land Rover service:

High quality Land Rover expedition outfitting, service etc in Belize:

Our favourite hotels/hostels/B&B’s around the world:

First class B&B in Bergamo, Italy:

Incredibly nice hotel in the Italian dolomites:

Our home away from home in Antigua, Guatemala (Posada San Sebastian):

Fantastic and luxurious jungle lodge in Panama, Bocas del Toro region:

And a link to the local newspaper at home who is publishing our articles:

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