Planned route

The adventure starts in Rotterdam. From Rotterdam, the car will travel across the Atlantic Ocean in a container to Montreal, Canada. From Montreal, the plan is as follows:

Canada – from Montreal to Banff/Jasper, then Vancouver

USA – North to South along the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains

Central America: Mexico, maybe Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

South America: (Colombia), Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, maybe with a cruise to Antarctica

Australia – western part


Russia from Vladivostok to Europe

Actual Route

We are home! On 12 October 2013 we returned to Bergamo, Italy, after making a full trip around the world. Our route is on the map below including the mountains we climbed.

This is our route country by country:

Italy – Switzerland – Liechtenstein – Austria – Germany – Denmark – Germany – Holland – Canada – USA – Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Chile – Argentina – Chile – Japan – Russia – Georgia – Turkey – Greece – Italy

14 responses to “Planned route

  • Lucas Pigliacampo

    Knok the door when in Buenos Aires for a warm shower and a good “asado”. Looking forward to seeing you at home! All the best.

  • Costel Luca

    Superb project … Congratulations GianMarco !

  • Patricia

    waooo! fantastic…good luck guys, and say hi to my Mexico Querido when you pass by. What will you climb? the Pico de Orizaba?

  • Imran Abbasy

    I note from your planned route that you are bypassing most of the East Coast of Australia, in particular I would have thought you would have wanted to visit Queensland? Great Barrier Reef and so on! You can visit us in Brisbane, stay with us if you like?

  • Imran Abbasy

    I will be watching your progress, but do drop me a line when you get close. Unfortunately no mountains here, but well worth a visit.

    • Imran Abbasy

      I noticed that you bypassed Australia and are in Western Russia. So where next?


      • whereistheyak

        Hi Imran! Yes, we spent too much time in South America so had to skip Australia….next time! In about a week we will cross into Georgia and then go home to Italy through Turkey and Greece. A lot of good food and wine on the way πŸ˜‰

  • Lise Wespiser


    With who do you have take the ship from Rotterdam to Montreal? Wich carrier? How much did it cost?
    Thanks a lot


    • whereistheyak

      Hi Lise!

      We used the shipping company SCL in Rotterdam. They specialize in shipping cars. In total the car was 11 days underways. We had to deliver her two days before in Rotterdam. In Montreal we used an agent recommended by SCL to get the car out of customs.

      It cost 1200 EUR for the shipment and an extra 800 EUR if you choose to make an insurance.


  • Lise Wespiser

    Thank you very much for these informations!

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