Mount Rainier

19-21 July 2012

Mount Rainier in Washington state, 4392 m high, here the view to the large Nisqually Glacier and the ice capped peak from Paradise.

Camp Muir at 3105 m.                 

Approaching Ingraham Flats basecamp at approximately 3400 m. To the right, the normal route follows the rocky ridge called Disappointment Cleaver and then continues on the ice and snow covered slope to the summit.

The clouds are clearing.               

Our tent at Ingraham Flats with a dramatic background of clouds quickly coming and going, in turn obscuring and revealing the mighty peak of Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier from Ingraham Flats

Mount Rainier from Ingraham Flats, the start of  the normal route clearly visible

Other climbers waiting to summit, late afternoon at Ingraham Flats

At the summit!!! We took no pictures during the ascent, it was simply too freezing cold! At the time of the photo, the sun has just risen above a slight haze in the horizon and has started gaining power, warming our ice cold, red noses!

View from Columbia Crest, summit of Mount Rainier

View from Columbia Crest, summit of Mount Rainier, with the ice filled crater in the center.

Summit of Mount Rainier! Holding on to the camera bag and the straps of the rugsack which were otherwise flapping around wildly in the icy wind.

Descent with a view to Mount Adams and other climbers on the way up.

Strong winds blowing snow and ice crystals over a crevasse

View to Mount St Helens from the eastern slope of Mount Rainier

View to the crevasse filled Emmons Glacier and Little Tahoma Peak (3395 m) from the eastern slope of Mount Rainier.

Emmons Glacier as dramatic backdrop to the ascent of four climbers on Mount Rainier

Looking back on the route to the summit



Coast of Oregon

22-24 July 2012

After Mount Rainier, we drove for 2 days along the coast of Oregon, enjoying the beautiful views, the cool winds from the Pacific Ocean and the fresh seafood – “awesome” as the americans would say 😉

Here we are waking up to a beautiful view close to Port Orford.

Early morning view from the tent, close to Lincoln City.


Mt Shasta

26-27 July 2012

Beautiful Mount Shasta at the end of the road… Once you see it you just have to climb it!                                              

Mt Shasta is a great stratovolcano in California, 4322 m high, the second highest peak in the Cascade Range after Mt Rainier. It seems enormous as it rises over the surrounding forests and farmland.               

We found a nice spot for camping.

Frida and Mt Shasta in the evening light.                     

The sun setting the sky on fire to the west…                                       

….last rays of the sun on the mountain.

The yak planning the next conquest of the useless – with the full support of the wife!

Next day at Helens Lake basecamp.                                                                  

Making exercises…..                                                                     

…some more advanced than others!                                          

Life is good!                                      

Next day at the peak after 2.5 hours of ascent from the basecamp. A Sunday afternoon walk in the park compared to Mt Rainier but absolutely nice!                              

The yak exploring a new couloir 😉                                                          

View from the top of Mt Shasta.                        

The Shastina crater on the side of the bigger Mt Shasta.                    

After the climb, a good beer…                                                                                   

…and a very good burger!                                                                             

The pleasure of having made another conquest of the useless!


Californian auntie of Frida!

Dedicated to Alfredo 


Yosmite National Park

30-31 July 2012


Lone Pine & Bishop



Mount Whitney

1-3 August 2012

Mount Whitney, a pale granite peak of 4421 m in the Sierra mountains of California (Mt Whitney is the far bright peak in the right hand side of the photo). 

Alabama Hills – famous from a lot of western movies              

Alabama Hills and Sierra Mountains             

Early morning at Lower Boyscout Lake.         

The east face of Mount Whitney stands like a bright shining cathedral against the deep blue sky.

The pale pinkish/peach coloured granite of Mt Whitney                       

Thunderclouds rapidly gathering over Mt Whitney. See you later Miss Whitney!


Los Angeles, city of angels

3-5 August 2012


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