Finally, days and days of beautiful blue skies! This is the morning view from the hotel:DSC01397 copy.jpg

Zoom in on Ultar Sar (7388 m). DSC01080 copy.jpg

This is the right day to go to Rakaposhi Base Camp! Already from the road, Rakaposhi steals the whole picture! Here passing through Aliabad early morning before all the shops open.DSC01083 copy.jpg

We are on the north side of Rakaposhi (7788 m) and here the mountain rises 5,900 metres above the Hunza River over a distance of only around 11 km. Impressive to view!

Rakaposhi is also known as the “Mother of Clouds” and true enough, she was already partly covered when we arrived to the base camp.DSC01128 copy.jpg

Time for a nice rest at base camp – ca 3700 m altitude, very nice sunshine and a priceless view.

. DSC01136 copy.jpg

Zzzzzz…….DSC01140 copy.jpg

Fantastic view – the clouds continuously blowing off the top adds a dramatic effect and an ever changing appearance to the mountain.DSC01165 copy.jpg

Rakaposhi base camp is also a great place to view Diran Peak (7266 m). In the photos below you can see the Minapin Glacier coming down from the Diran Peak and the nice very sharp ridge between Rakaposhi and Diran.

DSC01178 copy.jpg

DSC01109 copy.jpg

DSC01176 copy.jpg

DSC01167 copy.jpg

The north face of Rakaposhi seen from the road in the late afternoon sun as we came down to the car. We decided that we were not finished with this magnificent mountain – we had to also see her from the other parallel valley leading to the Rakaposhi View Point.

DSC01233 copy.jpg

Next morning from the beginning of the path…DSC01241 copy.jpg

The path was super steep. Here the wife is arriving. IMG_5978 copy.jpg

Enjoying the view (and catching the breath!)DSC01279 copy.jpg

View to the valley far down below.DSC01308 copy.jpg

Pisan Glacier coming down from the north side of Rakaposhi.DSC01317 copy.jpg

DSC01302 copy.jpg

DSC01344 copy.jpg

Rakakposhi close up – not easy to get a good picture in backlight – Marco to the left as a small black dot.DSC01328 copy.jpg

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