Tierra del Fuego

Fin del Mundo


We crossed over the Magellan Strait to Tierra del Fuego on this ferry.IMG_7920_small

Already here it feels a bit like the end of the world…IMG_7922_small

Our first impression of Tierra del Fuego….a lot of sheep. Sheep and landscape where all the same colour.

Flat can be beautiful.                   L1042446_small

Arrived in Ushuaia with Frida!!! End of the road, end of the continent, end of the world, Fin del Mundo!IMG_7907_small

The weather was grey.                IMG_7839_small

And Ushuaia was very grey.              IMG_7831_small

Interesting self made houses around Ushuaia. We were thinking to Christiania in Copenhagen.IMG_7904_small

House made of flattened oil drums, including a small advertisement for Shell.IMG_7903_small

We left Ushuaia and went to Estancia Harberton, a historic farm from 1886 and a lovely place to spent a few days to contemplate what you are doing here at the end of the world.IMG_7888_small

Here is the main part of the estancia with the sheep shearing house at the far left where they cut the wool off the sheep and packaged it for shipping it out – there was no road. Then there is the boat house where they still keep the whaling boat. And the two-storey building in the back is the main house.IMG_7877_small

The whaling boat from which they would hunt the whales.L1042476_small

We stayed in the former shepherds house with a beautiful view over the water.IMG_7873_small


We got an interesting tour of the estancia.               L1042478_small

Here the main house.                 L1042480_small


This is the guy responsible for cutting the wood. There is no central heating (only gas heaters or wood stoves), no electricity (only by generator), no telephone line. It is the perfect place to relax!L1042488_small

The tour includes a visit to the museum for sea mammals and an unforgettable visit to the “bone house” where the biologists are cleaning the bones of the stranded whales, dolphins etc before they can show up as nice white skeletons in the museum. These are whale bones soaking in hot water. The large head was there too under a black plastic cover and the smell was incredible! We gained a completely new respect for the work of biologists!!

Our small cabin (we rented half) in the soft evening light with the tide coming in.IMG_7868_small





We went for a 4 hour walk around through the woods and the bogs and the open fields of the estancia. Now the land is a nature reserve so everything is allowed to go wild including the remaining horses and cattle.L1042514_small

The bog.                                       L1042503_small


The old trees.                                                                L1042494_small

Lake and blue sky.                                    L1042449_small

Field of flowers.                                                          L1042458_small

View over the Beagle Channel. L1042465_small

The colour of the sky is reflected in the water. Grey, white and blue.L1042455_small

View to Chile and Port Williams just on the other side of the channel.IMG_7901_small

Prevailing wind direction!        IMG_7896_small

National Park Tierra del Fuego

We spent two nights in the National Park Tierra del Fuego with lovely free camping, thank  you!IMG_7912_small

We hiked up to the top of the Guanacos Peak to get this view over the Beagle Channel. It is Ushuaia down below to the left. IMG_7915_small


Marco serving the wine to warm up our cold toes again after the hike and a good “shower”.IMG_7917_small

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