We have finally started our trip! First destination Canda. Please follow our main updates under “The Trip -> Canada” and “Photos -> Canada”.

10 responses to “Canada

  • Mante

    ciao ragassi come va l’avventura? siamo in attesa di leggere ( e vedere) le vostre novità!
    un abbraccio Mante e Barbara

  • Fernando Diaz Alberdi

    Finally there!!! all the best. Here in Almaty everything is find, good weather, montains looks great but samaliooooottttttt…………

  • Fabio Gomez

    Todo gran aventura empieza con un primer paso, mis mejores deseos para ambos en este que es Canada !!!! Avanti versagieri …. Abrazo desde una fresca Campana

    • whereistheyak

      Grande capo! Te extraño un poco…tambien si acà estamos pasando una aventura de vida inolvidable! Canada es muy lindo pero mas lugares (y tambien dificultades) nos esperan…saludame Campana y hadta pronto en Argentina! Abrao tambien a la flia!

  • Amir

    Good job! Couldn’t see your blog a month ago, now all active. I especially liked the ‘stress’ picure )). Keep up the good work, GM.

  • Anita Knudsen

    It was super to see you guys in Redwood Meadows and get the chance to wish you all the best on your journey! So EXCITING!!
    Anyway, still waiting to hear how Mt. Columbia treated you…

    • whereistheyak

      Tak i lige maade! Thanks for hosting a great brunch for the hungry travellers 😉
      So far the bears are treating us well but the climbing conditions no…..we are too late for winter ascent and too early for summer climbing. Anyways we are enjoying a lot!

  • Thomas

    Gian Marco, you are a celebrity within V&M. I told everyone about your great decision to say good bye to the pipe at least for now. Regards from your every day taking the metro with never smiling people friend from Paris

    • whereistheyak

      Hi Thomas!!
      A pleasure to receive your comment! For sure Paris is not a bad destination (especially compared to Atyrau), but I would suggest an experience around the world…not hard as working in Tenaris but anyway demandant…but really amazing!!
      Now just came back from a fantastic climbing of Wedge Mountain in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Skis and crampons. Unbelievable! Due to late snow season, we did’t find 4m of real powder but we enjoyed a lot! Now recovering for the climb of Mt. Reinier in the Cascade Mountains close to Seattle.
      Keep high the name of western producers (vs chinese 😉 )and follow us!!!
      Big hug also to your family

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