We have entered Argentina and will soon be on our way to Buenos Aires for a family Christmas! After Buenos Aires, we plan to climb Acongacua, the highest mountain in the Americas. The expedition starts 15 January 2013. After Acongagua, we will drive down south to Patagonia and eventually end up in Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina. So the future looks adventurous!

Argentina photos


6 responses to “Argentina

  • Giacomo Tognoli

    Marco, well done. All seems ok. A rest in BA is deserved.
    Going to Ushuaia , please stop in El Chalten to have a look to Cerro Torre and onother stop in Chile to see the beatiful ” Torres del Paine “. May be you wil decide to climb it as well. Ciao from Kazakhstan . Giacomo

    • whereistheyak

      Thanks Giacomo! After climbing around 38.000 meters up in 7 months I think you are right…a rest in BA is deserved πŸ™‚ but then….no excuses…Aconcagua, Cerro Torre and Torres del Paine…it will be hard but funny! Ciao from Argentina, with the heart in Kazakhstan, especially in the Tien Shan!!!! Marco

  • Sergio Descalzo

    Marco, finally in Promise Land! πŸ™‚
    I hope you can get out of BA soon and head to Patagonia. While you stop in Mendoza for your second attempt to the Aconcagua, try the miraculous “water” of he region.
    On the way to the south, please do the ruta 40. You will not regret it. Volcan Lanin (3700m) in Neuquen and Monte San Lorenzo (3700m) in Santa Cruz are on the way…

    Toda la suerte! Abrazo, Sergio

    • whereistheyak

      Hola patasucia!!!! in BA we would like to stay as less as possible…and for sure to stay very far from the “Edificio Pellegrini” πŸ™‚
      After climbing the Aconcagua πŸ™‚ we will head to the Beautiful Patagonia thru the Ruta 40…and try to climb all the mountains weΒ΄ll find! Gracias para la suerte! Abrazo grande, Marco

  • Costel Luca

    Ciao , GianMarco
    superb view and interesting road .. check out these too:

    it might worth a try , when you come back home .. till then enjoy your dream and have a safe journey ;

    Best Regards,

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