We have left the Americas and arrived to culture shock. And we love it! The sensation of sucking it all up the first few days, all the small details, the cleanliness and order, the guy actually vacuum cleaning the underground parking lot, the straight lines of business men and women in front of the trains in the morning, the cacophony of beeping and electronic sounds in the cities where everything seems to speak to you (the elevator, the telephone, the cash machine, the ticket vending machine), the fact that someone always corrects the way you put your shoes after you take them off to enter the changing room of a clothes shop or a restaurant, no matter how meticulously you try to place them. We have jumped from west to east, from south to north, from autumn to spring, from night to day and we are feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland!

Japan photos

Photos from our quick trip to South Korea

Our first dinner in Japan.                        IMG_8450_small

By the way, if anybody wondered why Frida does not always show up on the map: We realised it is because there is no coverage in the open sea. This morning she is approaching the port of Callao in Peru so she is back on the map!

Where is Frida?

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