The smell of memories


Never happen to you to smell something and to remember some nice situation in your past?

I love it!!!! It show me that my senses are still exploring!!!

This morning happened…at 5.15 am, while we were preparing the coffee with our Moka on the hood of Frida, before climbing Mt. Yotei!

The smell of the espresso coming up from the small hole of the Moka remembered me the mornings in Bergamo apartment, when we are getting ready to jump out in the darkness and coldness of an early winter morning to go to ski. The anxiety to touch the white snow and to make a good effort to gain the top of the mountain in order then to ski down, light like a leaf…all thoughts related.

Priceless feeling!

By the way…after 2.5 hrs and 1.500 meters up today we reached the fantastic crater of Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido, Japan.

Also this feeling was priceless!!!

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