The Japanese Art of “Perfection”…

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We are now in Wakkanai, in the Northern part of Japan, in Hokkaido.

After 3 months in this fantastic country, we are ready for Russia. It will be a bit different, but we will manage it!!!

We have a lot of unforgettable memories of Japan. Starting from our Japanese family “Tocco-Watanabe”, passing to the food, continuing with the mountains and finishing with culture and people. Plenty!

But we will never forget the “Japanese Art of Perfection”…in everything they are doing! We have been particularly surprised by the Art of Perfection they have in following their hobbies. Older Japanese people love to have a hobby. It could be fishing, mountaineering, carving, running, gardening.

In following their hobbies they are also following the perfection. It is incredible how they are devoted to their hobbies. They are buying very high quality equipment and they are using it all together even if the situation doesn’t require to use it.

The mountaineering passioned are climbing a simple mountain in summer with all their climbing (summer and winter) equipment. Fishing passioned are using big fishing rods even in small rivers. Carvers are using big chain saw for very precise jobs. Runners are wearing marathon clothes to run/visit the shrines….incredible!!!

WE LOVE THAT!!! Russia it will be a little bit different…we might meet some strong Russian climbing Mount Elbrus with a nice hand made pullover by his babushka!!!!

We might experience some difficulty in finding internet in Russia and we might miss to upload the blog…apologize!!!! 😉

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