This morning had been another very difficult one. Since when we entered Russia we experienced almost every day the toughness of a tour of the world by Land Rover. Grey sky, rain, mosquitos, no coffee, no breakfast…only struggling in order to close our tents as soon as possible and “VIA”, driving and driving in the middle of Siberia.

Now, did you ever think how far Georgia is?

When I was watching the news about Georgian war on the TV or when I was just trying to imagine where Georgia was, I had in my mind a very tiny country, very very far from Europe, extraneous to my life, to my imagination, to my world…

Well, now that we are at (only) 7.000 km distance from Georgia, here in the middle of the Siberian taiga, enjoying tough moments, we are repeating ourselves “let’s resist till Georgia, then we will be almost at home“!!!!!!!!

Funny, nè….how it is changing the prospective according to the point of view!!!!!

Here below the WIFO in one of the few moments of relax! She is beautiful, nè!?!?!?!

DSC00569 copy_small

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