Thanks to Sergey


Yesterday we climbed Mount Elbrus, 5.642 meters, a magnificent volcano in Caucasus region, Russia.

It was a particular moment as Elbrus was the last mountain we planned to climb in our World Tour.

Sergey has been with us on each summit.

The memory of his usual say “every summit is possible” helped us in our project and motivated us in each difficult moment.


On the top, in few seconds, together with Sergey we revived in our minds all the peaks conquered in the last 15 months:

  • 77.000 vertical meters climbed
  • 24 summits in 11 different countries
  • 1 summit above 6.000 meters
  • 5 summits above 5.000 meters
  • 4 summits above 4.000 meters
  • 4 summits above 3.000 meters

Now we are ready for the next mountaineering challenges!

Click here for photos from Mt Elbrus

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