Turkey is like a tour-de-force of sweets and pastries! We already ate 2 kg of baklava!!! Now we are in front of the blue Mediterranean – with a good pair of binoculars we could almost see Italy from here! Without the binoculars, we are looking down at two plates of the local pastry “lok”, swimming in honey….it will be our last big effort! Then we are coming hoooooooome!!!

Click here for photos from Turkey

Marco and the Herr Fresh Baklava Supreme from southeastern Anatolia…            DSC02091_small

2 responses to “Turkey

  • Amir

    Turkish tea, mMMMMM…. I would have 4 cups a shot every time I drank it :)) Looking good as always!

  • ramona193

    Ciao ragazzi. Se passate dalla Liguria vi aspettiamo a Riccò del Golfo per due spaghetti e un buon bicchiere di vino!!! Un abbraccio Umberto e Ramona. Se passate mandateci un messaggio su facebook!!!

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