Home sweet home?

Saturday, October 12 at 12 am, we entered the main square in Bergamo. Our relatives and closest friends were waiting for us with flowers and flags and smiles and hugs. The end of a dream, a project, a journey. The end of a trip around the World . We didn’t make it in 80 days as Fogg and Passepartout in the novel by Jules Verne, but we enjoyed, experienced and explored till the end.

For lovers of statistics, we drove 88,850 km through 21 countries, we climbed 77,400 vertical meters, we reached 24 summits including 1 above 6,000 meters, 5 above 5,000 meters and 4 above 4,000 meters.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe our journey. The sensations we experienced are so deep and personal that someone could see them as banal or trivial. So instead we just recommend everyone to dream and to explore the world in their own way.

As my dear friend Klaus is saying, the true traveler is the one who explores in his dreams, with open eyes.

Have a good trip!

Our Japanese family (Claudio, Yuko, Nico, Dani, Akiko, Miwako and Tito) gave us these bracelets to protect us on our way back home from Japan. Now they are attached to the keys of Frida to remind us of our dreams!!!DSC02670_small

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