It is not so easy to return home, neh!                              DSC02742_small

We returned home one month ago from 1-1/2 years of traveling. But in some ways it feels like we just came home for the first time – ever. We never lived together in Italy or in Denmark, we met eachother in Kazakhstan, we had to separate again and then we decided to leave our jobs and our families and drive together around the world. We left going west and we returned from the east and somehow it seems it was the only right way to take. At least this way we made it home!

It is not so easy to come back home after such a crazy, wild and free trip. Something is definitely calling us from out there! But the future is a new adventure, a new project. Even if it does not involve getting behind the steering wheel of Frida every morning to drive down new roads, it is still something we have never done before. And we have here inside us a world of impressions from a life lived on the road for 494 days. 


7 responses to “Home

  • paola ponti

    è una nuova avventura anche fermarsi e godere della quotidianità di un luogo e confrontarsi con il ripetersi dei giorni e viaggiare dentro il proprio io.in bocca al lupo fratello e cognata.

  • Christine

    Welcome back in Copenhagen. And if you want to go over some of your stories now it is getting cold and dark here, let me know!

  • Jeff Bunch

    It was a pleasure meeting you two at Camp Muir and later, higher on the route on Mt. Rainier. Thank you again for the photos of us on the route.

    I’ve been following your exploits and have enjoyed seeing how the two of you have handled your epic journey. Marco, I never got around to giving you the info on the Fryingpan Glacier on Rainier’s other side for skiing. If you’re ever back in the U.S., give me a holler and I’ll send you a topographic map with the route.

    Good luck to you two and best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Jeff “The Castle Builder” Bunch. 🙂

    p.s. Congratulations on your Aconcagua summit, it’s one I’d like to climb one day.

    • whereistheyak

      Hi Jeff!
      It is a pleasure to receive your email! And thanks a lot for all your congratulations!!!
      Yes, the trip was really an epic experience!!! Especially the amazing climbing we did along the journey.
      Aconcagua is really fantastic, but also the volcano in Ecuador (Chimborazo and Cotopaxi) are not bad at all.
      We enjoyed also climbing the fantastic Japanese Alps. Awesome!
      Now back to the reality, we start working in Copenhagen again in the Oil Business. Not easy to get used again after so many months of enjoyment 😉 but this is what we have to do in order to prepare our next project!!!
      And you? Some nice climbing? Did you tried once again Mt. Rainier?
      Hope to see each other in the near future in U.S. so we can ski together the Fryingpan glacier!!!
      Marco and Malene

  • camoz53

    While following your trip we dreamed with you. Such a phantastic adventure ! You were brave enough to imagine it, plan it and dot it Suggestion : why you don’t write a book ?
    Now I cannot imagine how though will be to go back to normal life , but you can continue to dream the next adventure
    Well come back.
    Best regards from Kazakhstan


    • whereistheyak

      we are happy you dreamt with us! This was exactly one of our targets! To have our friends dreaming and enjoying together with us!
      Now we will have to follow your suggestion: we will have to write a book! We have so many anecdotes to tell…and it might be the right way not to think too much that we have to come back to the normal life!!!
      Anyway, we are already dreaming again to make another trip! 😉 May be when we will be pensioners!
      Hope to visit soon in Kazakhstan!
      Marco and Malene

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