Montreal street art (especially for Trine)



Manitoba early morning


Camping Trans Canada


Lingering in White River


The prairie


Banff National Park


Lake Louise


Jasper National Park

Black Bears in Jasper



Mount Robson – Berg Lake Trail

25-27 July 2012

Kinney Lake

Emperor Falls

Robson River

Mount Robson, Berg Glacier, Misty Glacier and Berg Lake

Adolphus Lake on the other side of Robson Pass

Misty Glacier close-up

Squirrel with an attitude

Never too cold for a good wash


Murtle Lake – Blue River

28 June – 1 July 2012

Foto reportage: Toro Seduto (Sitting Bull) and his wife Cavalla Pazza (Crazy Horse) on Murtle Lake

Mike and the other guys from Blue River Campground helped to mount the canoe on Frida….thank you guys!!!
 Toro Seduto – master of the waters, the sky, the fire, the animals in the forest and sometimes also of his wife the Crazy Horse
Murtle Lake
First campsite
Toro Seduto – master of keeping the fire burning in the rain
A wet but beautiful morning
Toro Seduto enjoying the lake while Crazy Horse is paddling
Second campsite – still raining but now tenting under cover!
Toro Seduto – master of cutting the firewood
Ready for the night! 
Ok, no more pictures from the lake! We woke up the third morning and it was still raining so we made a quick management decision and paddled 3.5 hours to get to the car! Here happy to be with Frida again and heading straight for the liquor store in Blue River!
Everything chut chut wet.
Conclusion: Go to Murtle Lake, it is beautiful and very wild! But go in August on a sunny day 😉
Blue River Campground – a very nice place to stay!


Find the Grizzly


Grandfather of Frida – dedicated to Alfredo!

Landrover Defender from the 1960’s!

And in Smithers we met the canadian uncle of Frida:


Haida Gwaii

5-7 July 2012

On the ferry from Prince Rupert to Queen Charlotte

Evening at Rennell Sound

Frida on Haida Gwaii

Bambi and Bambi       


Wedge Mountain Ascent (a peak, a peak, finally a peak!)

11-12 July 2012

Wedgemount Lake with a view to Wedge Mountain (snow covered to the left) and with posing marmot.

Warm belly on hot stone, life seems pretty good.

Preparing dinner with a view.                                                                         

Sleeping in the hut. It is difficult to get the wife out of the warm sleeping bag!

We started from the hut at 04.30 in the morning. At around 05.30, the sun set the mountains on fire while we started to walk up the glacier.

Wedge Mountain early morning on a beautiful day.

View down the glacier from the Arete Pass before making the final ascent up the Arete Ridge to the Wedge Mountain.

View from the Arete Pass.                                    

View from the Arete Pass.                                    

View from the Arete Pass.                                    

Assessing the route from the Arete Pass to the Arete Ridge and finally to the peak of Wedge Mountain to the left.                                    

Final ascent. The snow was deep and heavy – hard work!!!                        

Taking a break and enjoying the view. Steep slope!                 

Wedge Mountain peak!                                         

Tired…but happy!                                                                                                    

Exhausted….but happy!                                                                                          

Going down. Look, there are the skiis waiting for us!

Skiing down the glacier and looking back at Wedge Mountain.                                                   

The wife…..not an olympic champion on the skiis!


Beautiful colours at Wedgemount Lake.            

Finally down! And just back from the hairdresser.                                        

Last but not least: Ready to go down the final 1100 m with enormous rugsacks.

This is why the wife is calling him the YAK!                                                     


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