Mountains of Kazakhstan

Photos from 2007-2011. All locations can easily be reached from Almaty.

View to Peak Sovietov from Peak Molodiezhnaya (4147 m)

Molodiezhnaya (4147 m) from Lake Mametov

Tuyuksu Valley from Peak Pioneer (from left Pogrebietskovo 4219 m, Lokomotiv 4182 m, Kosmodemyanskoi 4108 m, Sovietov (behind) and to the far right the shoulder of Molodiezhnaya 4147  m)

Admiring Tuyuksu Valley in winter – descending from Peak Pioneer

The grand Tuyuksu Valley all frozen and white

Pogrebietskovo (4219 m) from the Lokomotiv Pass

Snow ridge on Peak Lokomotiv (4182 m)

Glaciological station in the Tuyuksu valley, ca 3500 m, Peak Mayakovskovo to the left (4208 m) and Peak Ordzhonikidze to the right (4410 m)

Glaciological station at the foot of Molodiezhnaya, ca 3500 m

Camp at the base of Peak Molodiezhnaya

Molodiezhnaya glacier early morning, note 3 small climbers on the far right

On the top of Molodiezhnaya (4147 m)        

View to Peak Sovietov (behind is Big Almaty Lake) from Molodiezhnaya

Campsite at 4000 m (on Molodiezhnaya)

View from tent on Molodiezhnaya to Komsomol Peak (4376 m)

Climbing Peak Manshuk Mamietovoi (4144 m)

Manshuk Mamietovoi glacier

Camp at Lake Mamietovoi with view to Peak Manshuk Mamietovoi (4144 m)

Approaching Peak Pogrebietskovo (4219 m) across the Tuyuksu glacier (the black dot on the ice to the left in the photo is a leftover Soviet era tractor)

Last effort to reach the top of Pogrebietskovo (4219 m)

Our trace on Pogrebietskovo                           

Ice capped Karlytau Peak (4150 m)

Camp on the Bogdanovicha glacier with view to Karlytau straight ahead (4150 m) and Peak Pioneer to the right (4031 m)

Peak Karlytau approach (4150 m)                 

View to Molodiezhnaya (4147 m) from Karlytau (4150 m)

Minus 30 degrees

Deep snow on the way to Peak Kumbel

Peak Kumbel in March              

Beautiful snow dunes and view to the east from “3 brothers”

Snow ridge on the way to Peak Furmanova

The old swing on the way to Peak Furmanova

Making the path through brilliant new snow – with view to “3 brothers” and Peak Kumbel

Peak Mamietovoi and glacier under the February sun

Peak Mamietovoi and glacier                     

The Talgar Pass and Chimbulak ski resort

Ski-touring in the valley behind Chimbulak/Talgar Pass

Through virgin snow

Panorama in Tuyuksu Valley (from left to right): Peak Mayakovskovo (4208 m), Peak Ordzhonikidze (4410 m), Peak Partizan (white with rocky teeth, 4390 m), Igly Tuyuksy (7 small rocky peaks, 4213 m) and Peak Tuyuksu (4218 m).

Approaching Peak Partizan (4390 m)            

View from Peak Pioneer to Peak Talgar (5000 m) the highest peak in the Almaty region

At the Pioneer Pass                                     

The Talgar Valley with Peak Talgar (5000 m) in the distance (left)

Fresh snow in July – Yaks below Peak Furmanova

Big Almaty Lake in winter

Big Almaty Lake in summer                        

Changing colours of Big Almaty Lake

Changing colours of Big Almaty Lake

Changing colours of Big Almaty Lake

Camping at the top of Gorelnyk Gorge

Approaching Peak Talgar (5000 m)          

Basecamp on the glacier at 3800 m

View to Peak Talgar basecamp at 3800 m (note red-blue-yellow tents)

Early morning start – on the steep flank on Peak Talgar

Peak Aktau – “the white mountain” – catching the very first rays of the rising sun

Climbing Peak Talgar

Climbing Peak Talgar                                      

Last effort before reaching the top

View from Peak Talgar (5000 m), Almaty is located down to the right ca 35 km away

View from Peak Talgar (5000 m)

Peak Talgar descent                                      


Peak Talgar descent                

Enjoying the sunset colours at the basecamp below Peak Talgar

Peak Talgar (5000 m)


10 responses to “Mountains of Kazakhstan

  • Samat Kulchikov

    Great Pictures!!! Amazing…
    Even I live in Kazakhstan, I have seen maximum 5% from you have shared.

  • locatelli ermes

    ciao marco
    volevo complimentarmi con te per questa grande avventura che stai per intraprendere. Ti seguirò nei tuoi passi e nelle tue foto. Un pò di invidia…..

    • whereistheyak

      Quanto tempo senza sentirci!
      Spero tutto bene! Seguici con il blog! Sogna con noi!
      Il Carminati direbbe qualche frase delle sue…quelle ad effetto! Ma noi siamo più semplici!

  • Elmar Akhmetov

    Hi there!
    I see that you’ve climbed a lot while in Almaty, but I can’t understand why there is no pictures from Peak Sovietov? 🙂 I thought that it’s the most popular mountain in the region 🙂

  • Giacomo Tognoli

    Ciao Marco,
    ammirazione e invidia. Molti lo pensano , ma pochi hanno il coraggio di farlo. Ti seguiremo con curiosita’ dalle steppe di Aksay


    • whereistheyak

      Grazie Giacomo! La decisione è stata semplicissima…un po’ meno il momento in cui si lascia veramente tutto…ma quando l’avventura comincia ti dimentichi di tutto…perfino della splendida Aksai o dell’emozionante Atyrau 😉 seguici, ne sarò onorato!

  • Amir

    What are spectacular views, G. Marco! I feel ashamed as an Almatinian, never to have climbed any of those peaks! Not even Tuyuk Su or Kumbel! We have some great sites, different from the Alps.

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