The Long Trip 2012-2013

The trip started in May 2012. You can follow our story country by country in the sub-folders under “The Trip” and “Photos”.

If you are planning to do something similar yourself,  you might want to check the information we posted about border crossings, insurances, customs procedures and potential scams etc under “The Trip -> Borders, customs & scams”. Diesel cost for each country is listed under “The Trip -> The trip in numbers”. There is also some info on spare parts and which modifications we did to the car under “Prep” (preparations). If you have any other questions you are very welcome to write us a comment and we will try to help.

4 responses to “The Long Trip 2012-2013

  • Yoshi

    Did you know that Mount Rainier is the “protagonist” mountain in the book “The Dharma bums” written by Jack Kerouak? It is a very nice story..ciao Marco ciao malene

  • John

    Wow, what a great trip! I especially appreciated the boarders, customs and scams part. How easy is it to move throughout Countries in Northern South America, Central South America (Bolivia, Western Brazil, etc.), and Latin America? I am concerned with both manmade and natural restrictions. Please, if possible, be very broad, like SE Colombia rather than using the name of the region.

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