Yesterday night was our last night of sleeping in the hills of a foreign country, surrounded by cicadas and distant barking dogs and with a full sky of stars above. Tonight we will take the ferry from Greece to Italy. Honestly, when we were driving through mosquito infested far eastern Russia and there were still 10,000 km to go, we were dreaming to arrive to Italy the next day and have a nice pizza! Now we are a little bit sentimental….. It is very hard to end a trip like the one we just did. Actually, how to end it!? Maybe it will never end….

Frida on the road in Japan  – photo by Nico.Frida on the road

6 responses to “Sentimental

  • Simon

    Hi Malene, Marco and Frida!

    Keep on your journey and just stop for some good Italian food and dulces…:-)

    The end of a trip is the beginning of a new one!

    We’re somehow stuck in Cuenca Ecuador. Our beloved Duro (it’s a vehicle:-)) needs a major motor overhaul!

    Waiting for parts to arrive from Switzerland… This is just one of our experiences of traveling…

    Best regards and enjoy the last night on a ferry…
    Angelika and Simon

    • whereistheyak

      Hi Simon, Angelika and Duro!
      We hope that Duro’s heart will be soon repaired so you can continue your trip!
      We saw the last pictures you posted for Bolivia and Peru, fantastic as always!
      We can’t hide that we are extremely jealous of you and we will be even more jealous when we will be definitively at home, far from the road!
      Actually, we are planning our next trip. Destinations are decided, truck decided…not the timing! Most probably it will happen in 15 years, but it is good to think that we have a plan ;-D
      We will have time to buy a truck and to fix it! We are thinking to a Unimog or a Duro. Now we started the research!!!!
      Keep in touch and you have for sure followers from Italy!

  • Asel

    Hi Marco and Malene, what a great post. Enjoy your journey home and I hope to be in touch with you soon. Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home (Matsuo Basho). Ciao, Asel

  • ramona193

    Ciao ragazzi. Vi aspettiamo in Liguria a Riccò del Golfo per un piatto di spaghetti e un buon bicchiere di vino. Se passate messaggiateci su facebook. Un abbraccio Umberto y Ramona

  • Jürgen Neuhoff

    What a fantastic journey. I would like to thank you very much for sharing your impressions and adventures with us. Wish you all the best for the future. Best regards from Germany! Jürgen Neuhoff
    P.S. Marco maybe remembers our short meetings at nice oil and gas exhibitions in Turkmenistan etc.. I was on the VAM (Vallourec) side 🙂

    • whereistheyak

      Hi Jürgen!
      Of course I remember you! I’ll never forget that situation! ;-D
      Thanks for the congratulations. It has been a fantastic trip. Something we would recommend to everyone. We could see the world in another perspective from the one we are used to see travelling for business.
      Hope once to be able to meet you and to share also live impressions!!!
      Best Regards,

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