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Finally I bought my new camera. After some year of inactivity due to the presence in the family of a photographer artist (EPWS: “Herr Professor Wife Supreme”), I decided to start again to view part of the World through a lens.

I have to practice a lot in order to reach again an acceptable quality level, but I will make everything I can in order to succeed. We agreed with EPWS to dedicate in the blog a section for the pictures taken by “The Student”. Hope you will find them interesting!!!

DSC00024 copy_small

Frida in Japan!!!

Frida has arrived in Japan!!! Now we are ready to climb Fuji-san and to explore the rest of Japan from our small mobile home! We will keep you updated with photos and stories. Big smiles from Tokyo to the world 🙂

Photos Japan North

Photos Japan South

Text Japan



We have left the Americas and arrived to culture shock. And we love it! The sensation of sucking it all up the first few days, all the small details, the cleanliness and order, the guy actually vacuum cleaning the underground parking lot, the straight lines of business men and women in front of the trains in the morning, the cacophony of beeping and electronic sounds in the cities where everything seems to speak to you (the elevator, the telephone, the cash machine, the ticket vending machine), the fact that someone always corrects the way you put your shoes after you take them off to enter the changing room of a clothes shop or a restaurant, no matter how meticulously you try to place them. We have jumped from west to east, from south to north, from autumn to spring, from night to day and we are feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland!

Japan photos

Photos from our quick trip to South Korea

Our first dinner in Japan.                        IMG_8450_small

By the way, if anybody wondered why Frida does not always show up on the map: We realised it is because there is no coverage in the open sea. This morning she is approaching the port of Callao in Peru so she is back on the map!

Where is Frida?

End of the Americas

We are in Santiago, at the end of our trip through the Americas, the end of more than 50,000 km of road and 10 months of driving through North, Central and South America. It has been fantastic! But now we are ready to leave the Americas and see something completely new. Next stop is Japan and the cherry blossoms!

End of the Americas photos


Southern Chile and Argentina – Carretera Austral, Ruta 40, Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego

We are already deep into Patagonia, travelling on dusty gravel roads and struggling to find a good internet connection to upload the blog! We drove down south from Mendoza along the Andes Mountains, endured 3 days on the bumpy Carretera Austral in southern Chile and now we are in fantastic, beautiful El Chalten. Next on the programme is Torres del Paine in Chile, Tierra del Fuego at the southern end of the Americas and then the southeast coast of Argentina with its whales, penguins, sea lions and seals.

Argentina and Chile text

Patagonia photos

Tierra del Fuego photos

Atlantic Coast photos

El Chalten skyline             IMG_7227_small

Summit Aconcagua

After 14 days on the mountain, with winds up to 100 km/hour and temperatures down to -30 degrees we finally set foot on the summit of Aconcagua. It was a strong and beautiful experience – thanks to our great guides and the friendship of our 5 fellow climbers.

Aconcagua photosAconcagua text



First of all: Happy new year to all! We wish you plenty of mountains, cocktails, love, freedom, red wine, friends, good food, money, happiness or whatever you desire most in 2013! We celebrated Italian/Danish new year in our tent with a small bottle of champagne and a lot of dulce de leche at 8 pm Argentinian time. The Argentinian new year was celebrated in our dreams.

We start this year with an ambitious attempt to climb Aconcagua. At 6,962 m it is the highest mountain in the Americas and the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalayas. The trip will start 15 January 2013 and we will return to civilisation again around the beginning of February.

Until 15 January we are “sweating it” as our dear Gordon likes to put it!

(Cybercast from Aconcagua, we should be Team 9:

Aconcagua towering in the distance          IMG_6663_small


We have entered Argentina and will soon be on our way to Buenos Aires for a family Christmas! After Buenos Aires, we plan to climb Acongacua, the highest mountain in the Americas. The expedition starts 15 January 2013. After Acongagua, we will drive down south to Patagonia and eventually end up in Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina. So the future looks adventurous!

Argentina photos



We are passing quickly through Chile on our way to Buenos Aires where we will celebrate Christmas with our parents. Chile so far is exactly as we always imagined: Very very big!!! The landscapes are enormous and the sky above is endless and beautiful. We are now in the Atacama Desert, a bleak and yet strangely attractive place. And best of all, here are more than 30 peaks over 6000 m high.

Chile photos

Frida enjoying the vast landscapes of ChileIMG_5972_small


We are in Peru, a fantastic playground for high mountains. We climbed Nevado Pisco (5752 m) and saw the most magnificent panorama of our lives! Now we are on our way to Lima for some more Pisco Sour and a few museums before heading down to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu.

Peru photosPeru text

Portrait with Huascaran Norte in the background.