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Universal language!

How can two person that are not speaking a common language communicate?

How can we travel around the World in countries where few people are speaking a language that we know?

There are different ways to solve the problem, in the picture below you have one of them.

Conversation between Marco and a Georgian speaking only his native language!

DSC01510 copy_small

More hieroglyphics…

DSC01511 copy_small

Thanks to Sergey


Yesterday we climbed Mount Elbrus, 5.642 meters, a magnificent volcano in Caucasus region, Russia.

It was a particular moment as Elbrus was the last mountain we planned to climb in our World Tour.

Sergey has been with us on each summit.

The memory of his usual say “every summit is possible” helped us in our project and motivated us in each difficult moment.


On the top, in few seconds, together with Sergey we revived in our minds all the peaks conquered in the last 15 months:

  • 77.000 vertical meters climbed
  • 24 summits in 11 different countries
  • 1 summit above 6.000 meters
  • 5 summits above 5.000 meters
  • 4 summits above 4.000 meters
  • 4 summits above 3.000 meters

Now we are ready for the next mountaineering challenges!

Click here for photos from Mt Elbrus

Russian Paradise

Finally we found it, the most beautiful spot in Russia! It is right here, in the Caucasus Mountains, at the foot of Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe at 5,642 m. Elbrus is a beautiful and peculiar double-stratovolcano, her two peaks all covered in snow and ice. Now we are traveling a bit around the valleys north-northeast of Elbrus in order to acclimatize before our scheduled climb at the end of August.

Click here for photos from Russian Caucasus


Davai Davai!!!

From the Ural Mountains we have been driving down south through Perm (including a visit to the GULAG camp Perm-36), Kazan in Tatarstan with its mix of mosques and churches, Ulyanovsk where Lenin was born, Volgograd where the battle of Stalingrad took place during WWII and now we are in the green foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. In a couple of weeks we hope to stand on top of Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe. But first, RABOTAET! We have to get in shape after too much driving a too little climbing!

Click here for photos from Ural and Volga regions

Davai davai!!!                                                IMG_3017_small


Yesterday we crossed over the border from Asia to Europe! After 1 year and 2 months and after 74,500 km we are almost home!


Click here for photos from Siberia

Click here for our text on Russia so far

очень устала!!

“очень устала” in Russian means “very tired”!

This is how we are feeling now, here in Tomsk, in Western Siberia, we are feeling very tired!!!

It is a very strange sensation and a little bit a shame to be tired during a holiday, even if it is a very long one, but we are really very tired!

After driving almost 8.000 Km without many stops, with the stress of the crazy Russian drivers, with the fucking mosquitos…we couldn’t relax a lot!!!


DSC00678 copy_small

This morning had been another very difficult one. Since when we entered Russia we experienced almost every day the toughness of a tour of the world by Land Rover. Grey sky, rain, mosquitos, no coffee, no breakfast…only struggling in order to close our tents as soon as possible and “VIA”, driving and driving in the middle of Siberia.

Now, did you ever think how far Georgia is?

When I was watching the news about Georgian war on the TV or when I was just trying to imagine where Georgia was, I had in my mind a very tiny country, very very far from Europe, extraneous to my life, to my imagination, to my world…

Well, now that we are at (only) 7.000 km distance from Georgia, here in the middle of the Siberian taiga, enjoying tough moments, we are repeating ourselves “let’s resist till Georgia, then we will be almost at home“!!!!!!!!

Funny, nè….how it is changing the prospective according to the point of view!!!!!

Here below the WIFO in one of the few moments of relax! She is beautiful, nè!?!?!?!

DSC00569 copy_small